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Keeping Your Car In Check with Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal changes can bring a variety of inclement weather changes that can prove to be issues for your automobile if it is not professionally maintained regularly. At Candy Ford, we have the expert insight into why you need to maintain your car to combat the season!

First, maintenance improves performance. When roads get tough in the winter, a good automobile is necessary to combat the vicious snow and maintain your busy work routine..
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Keys to a Successful Road Trip this Summer

If you want to have the safest possible trip this summer, you must take precautions to prepare your car for any trouble that may arise. The following list will definitely get you headed in the right direction.

1. Bring an empty gas can to help you in the event you run out of fuel.
2. Check to see if the spare tire in your car is in working condition.
3. Pack a new flashing and a bunch of fresh batteries in case it is dark and you need help.
4. Take along a new roll of duct tape to make…
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Call Us to Rotate Your Tires Today

Yes, your tires are rotating when you take your vehicle out for a drive. No, that isn’t what we mean when we say it is important to have your tires rotated regularly! Tire rotation actually helps keep your tires as new as possible, as it decreases the amount of tread loss when you rotate them around the vehicle. Read on to understand what we mean and what we can do for you.

We can help you with your vehicle when you schedule an appointment today. Our mechanics will take off your front tires and rotate them to the back…
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Save Your Windshield!

If you get a rock chip repaired, it's not going to completely disappear. But it will stay just a rock chip and it won't spread into a terrible crack. A crack is not only impossible to deal with, it is also going to distort your vision substantially. Not good. Once you rock chip is repaired, you don't have to worry about getting cracks. At least not as easily. Some rock chip repair places even give you a limited warranty to ensure that the chip doesn't spread out. But, that rarely happens. Just taking the time (30…
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