Don't Leave Pets Unattended in Car

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​There are times when you are traveling with your pet and have to go out of the car to fetch something or pass by the store. In any case, it is better if you take your pet with you or leave it at home.

Leaving the pet in the car is not a very good idea. On warm days, the temperature inside the car can easily reach 120F. In this temperature, and with lack of air, your pet may suffocate or suffer heat stroke.

In the case of heat stress watch out for symptoms including heavy panting, glazed eyes, fast pulse, vomiting or a deep red or purple color of the tongue. You should quickly take the pet under a shade and pour cool (not cold) water on it until its body temperature drops. Ice packs or cold towels should be placed on the pet's head neck and chest. Give it cool water to drink or let it lick the ice cubes.
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