How to Improve Your Dog's Safety by Using a Car Crate

We all love to see a happy dog with its head out the window of a passing car, but devoted pet-parents in Charlotte know that what their dog likes isn't always what's best for them. My dog would eat chocolate donuts until she exploded.

Your best friend will be more protected in the event of a crash when secured in a crate. Crates prevent dogs from being thrown from the vehicle, into the back of a seat, or worst—into another passenger.

Crating in the car doesn't have to come at the expense of your dog's happiness, either. Most dogs love going for car rides because they know they're heading to the dog park, or out for a hike, or to see friends. It won't take long for them to realize the crate brings them to fun places—and they can still smell plenty of exciting smells coming in through the windows.

In fact, many dogs prefer riding in a crate, because they don't get thrown around as much during sudden turns and stops.

Learn about the best crash-tested crates from the Center for Pet Safety, and visit Candy Ford to find the perfect dog-friendly SUV.

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