Cars That Operate Efficiently Have an Optimum Transfer Case

Underneath the hood of a car, there is a unique gearbox that manages drive mode functions. This mechanism is the transfer case, and it's typically equipped with engines that power a four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive system. Transfer cases for different drive systems are important because they impact how efficiently procedures for different driving modes are implemented on the road.

Although major automotive parts manufacturers build transfer cases for specific automobile designs, the main components always vary. Engineers use different hardware so that major drive system components can shift to another mode efficiently. For example, a transfer case that's built for an all-wheel drive system will use various mechanisms to shift power to various axles. This transfer case operates strategically by distributing energy to specific wheels that generate the most traction.

If you need help maintaining or repairing a transfer case, professional maintenance and repair services are available at Candy Ford. We proudly service automobiles in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

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