The Ford Mustang Can Be Heard as Well as Seen

The Ford Mustang is the epitome of a muscle performance car. With its distinctive look and sound, the Ford Mustang presents itself emphatically everywhere it goes. While we may not have given the dynamics of the exhaust system much thought, the engineers at The Ford Company have. Subsequently, they have designed a new responsive exhaust system that lets drivers choose the level of sound from the exhaust.

This new system is available for the 2019 Ford Mustang, and it works by opening and closing valves in the exhaust system for louder or quieter sound emissions by the press of a console button. For different driving situations, you can choose the volume of sound. So, whether you are on a joy ride on the highway or are entering your driveway, you choose how to announce yourself.

Come in today to Candy Ford and take one of our Ford Mustangs out for a spin around Charlotte. You will agree that the Ford Mustang deserves its reputation as the performance car to own.



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