The Ford Ranger Boasts Tech Features That'll Make Driving in Charlotte Safer

Ford is in the business of providing people with quality vehicles, and one of those vehicles is the Ford Ranger, a midsize pickup truck. This popular model has some nice tech features, such as the following that certainly impressed us at Candy Ford.

Lane Keeping

You've done it, or you know someone who has done the accidental drift. This drift into another lane happens to many of us, and it happens more when driving long distances. Ford doesn't want this to put you in danger, so it installed the lane keeping system that will warn you when you are doing this.

Pre-Collision System

One small distraction and you could hit someone in front of you. Ford thought about this and thought you'd appreciate the pre-collision system that warns you when you are getting too close to someone. The system even makes your braking system sensitive so that you can brake more effectively to avoid the collision.

If Ford wanted someone to be thankful for the Ranger, it certainly has done a good job to earn that gratitude. Please, take the Ranger for a test drive so that you know what we are talking about.



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