Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

Ford has been going all out with its latest updates to the electric hybrid cars in its lineup. The Ford Fusion Energi has been sparking a lot of talk with its Ford Co-Pilot 360 and SmartGauge programs. The Energi is an electric hybrid sedan that can achieve a lot of power with just a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine. You can configure the car’s screens to show you how much fuel and battery life you're using on the road, while also checking out your alerts as you drive on the highway.

The Energi achieves a ton of performance even as a larger, sleek sedan. While you can plug it into any 110-volt outlet, it will charge and give you 25 miles of gas-less power. Fuel efficiency skyrockets with the ability to get over 95 MPGe with just the electric motor, and you’ll achieve over 40 mpg with regular gas fuel system. The SmartGauge monitoring system with EcoGuide is a newly released feature that will show you how efficiently you are driving.

It’s fun to drive a vehicle that’s so economic. You can start driving a more efficient vehicle and save money every time you get in the car. Want to get into a Fusion Energi today? You can check out the latest models at Candy Ford located in Charlotte.



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