Have a Very Satisfying Steering Experience With the 2019 Ford Fiesta ST

A vehicle that you can easily steer is the type of vehicle you should be looking for. We at Candy Ford have a vehicle like this that we recommend. This is the 2019 Ford Fiesta ST. This vehicle has been designed with the purpose of offering you an experience that you can be confident with.

The Fiesta ST has a lot of great steering features such as Electric-Powered Assisted Steering. This works very well at low speeds by giving you a highly responsive steering experience. At higher speeds you are taking on more of the steering work of the vehicle.

The Ford Fiesta ST also has great stopping power which is very effective when it comes to avoiding any crashes. The Fiesta ST has large four-wheel disc brakes which make it easier for you to control the speed of your Fiesta ST and even bring it to a stop if needed.


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