Families with Youngsters will Love the 2017 Ford Escape

For a compact crossover 5-door SUV/CUV, the 2017 Ford Escape just can't be beat. This vehicle has been sold by the Ford Company since 2000 with no end in sight. The Escape has a front engine and comes with front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive. It easily carries 5 passengers so it is perfect for growing families.

For 2017, the Escape has several new features not available on earlier models. These features include automatic climate control and a button that activates the parking brake instead of a lever. Plus the hands-free power liftgate is great when you have both hands full of groceries. This vehicle is surprisingly roomy and comfortable, and it is one of the most stylish compact SUVs on the market.

Standard safety equipment includes a rearview camera, Torque Vectoring Control, and Roll Stability Control. Safety is a major concern for young families and the Escape comes through with flying colors.
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