Save Your Windshield!

If you get a rock chip repaired, it's not going to completely disappear. But it will stay just a rock chip and it won't spread into a terrible crack. A crack is not only impossible to deal with, it is also going to distort your vision substantially. Not good. Once you rock chip is repaired, you don't have to worry about getting cracks. At least not as easily. Some rock chip repair places even give you a limited warranty to ensure that the chip doesn't spread out. But, that rarely happens. Just taking the time (30 minutes or less!) to get the rock chip repaired will save you from having to replace your whole windshield, which is not only more time-consuming, but much more costly, as well. So, even if you don't feel like it now, you will thank yourself later, when you dodge the having to buy a new windshield bullet.
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